Sunday, April 6, 2014

Collection wool-silk dress in windowpane floral, 0

Pros: beautiful fabric, pockets, sleeveless holes don't gape, hidden zipper in back, lined, bra keeps. Love the pattern in the front of the dress.

Cons: LOOOOONG!! The dress is midi length on a petite person.  The v-neck is a bit plunging, making it non-wearable for me. The v-neck basically aligns with a full cup bra. Pattern doesn't line up at side seams seamlessly. 

Sizing: TTS

Verdict: if you can hack the deep v neckline, you'll be happy. If you're petite, you need to have exactly the right shoe to make this work. I'd do a one inch wedge, with pointy toe. If you're tall, this dress is gorgeous and you'll rock it. I'm returning mine, which I'd planned on wearing with pants, as pictured.

Sale flag: the dress is 179.99 online, which is a good deal if you can get the right additional percentage off. The pants are 199.99 in the same fabric. The pants and shell are on sale too. I saw lots of shells in this fabric on sale in store this weekend.

Adore the fabric.

Look at the side stripe: ugh.

The Tippi cardigan in storm cloud matches perfectly, if you're looking at anything in the wool-silk rendition of this print.  

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