Friday, April 25, 2014

JCrew Blakely Suede Pump vs Etta Pump

I got the Blakely pump in black suede to try. Size 6. 

Etta in calf-hair leopard, the design of which is different from the first iteration of this pump. This is black flecks on a brown base (more like a tortoise print) rather than the large cheetah "medallion" spots you see on the Martina wedge in calf hair.

Sizing: both are TTS, with the Blakely pump being a tad loose.

The Etta pump is gorgeous. It's strength is the clean line of the heel, perfectly straight, and the arch of the foot. It's weakness is the very stunted toe box. 

The Blakely pump borders on matronly. The toe box is a touch more long than the Etta, but the scoop of the vamp is deeper: there's more toe cleavage. The Blakely is cut to fall away more from the foot, giving more of a sculpted, sexy look. It's weakness in my opinion is the extreme chunkiness of the heel, which slopes from the back of the shoe and from the interior arch. 

Overall, the Blakely is analogous to a voluptuous woman with big hips, while the Etta might be petite and sexy  woman and a bit of a rod-shape. Both are desirable; both can look terrific with the right outfit on.

One on each foot.

Blakely on its own.

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  1. The product descriptions on the jcrew site says that the Blakely has a 1/4" internal platform, whereas the Stella does not. When you were standing with one foot in each shoe, did you notice the platform in the Blakely, and did it make the heel height feel less severe? Thanks!